Police Write tickets to raise Revenue?

By Paul Ranger 

Although police, City and State officials have always denied there are quotas for officers to write a certain amount of tickets each month, I have always remained suspicious. In my mind, I would question, why wouldn’t any city or state require their officers to write a certain amount of tickets knowing it is a way to raise money. They know that human nature is to ignore/disobey laws if they think they can get away with it, or that, some people will occasionally become careless, distracted and brake traffic rules even if they didn’t intentionally set out to do so.

Officials pretend that they write tickets/summons only for the purpose of keeping us safe from violators who would put the rest of us in danger. If that good intention was the original goal of the first municipality that chose ticketing writing as a law enforcement tool, I don’t think it has remained the only reason. As a matter of fact, I believe for many cities and towns it seems it’s a very big part of their revenue raising activities. If you don’t believe me, try going through a small town like Starke, Florida on U.S. 301 at just one to five miles over the speed limit at a certain time of the day, and I promise, you stand a very good chance of being pulled over.

From my own experience in Starke, one officer deliberately slowed down in front of me, and when I passed him, he pulled me over, his main complaint besides the fact that I passed him at 2 miles above the limit was that I had the nerve to pass him. Oh, what arrogance on top of more arrogance.

What has fueled my latest suspicion is the following report from MSNBC about certain cities are removing and thinking about removing their automatic license plate picture taking intersection traffic cameras, which capture images of vehicles running the red signal. When people know that a camera is there, they will obey the law, and, the cities are losing money because there are fewer traffic offenders to give tickets to. Read the story that has me steamed here, then return and comment!

Another situation that has caused me over the years to doubt the sincerity of local government’s claim of only trying to protect the public is, The Synchronization and timing of the traffic lights in the city where I live, more specifically Brooklyn.

Take a ride down Atlantic avenue at the local speed limit of 30mph. Now, If you are close to the intersection when the light turns yellow, but, you are too close to intersection to complete a proper stop (behind the cross walk), before you clear the intersection, you will be in violation because, the light would have turned red before you can if you are traveling at the speed limit.

Many people knowing this, just simply speed up when the light turns yellow in order to clear the intersection before the light turns red, thus, violating the speed limit while trying to beat the ill-timed red light. I have noticed this is not a problem at the same speed limit when I leave New York City. I’m sure they know this, they aren’t idiots, It is set up to trap you. They want you to violate the law so they can issue summonses. It’s not about safety. It’s about raising money.

Speaking of raising Money, check me next time when I tell you what I think of Mayer Bloomberg’s congestion pricing plan. For those of you who don’t know, It is New York City’s Mayor’s plan to (following London, England) charge vehicles $8.00 and more to enter midtown Manhattan during a certain time of the day in order to relieve traffic congestion. I won’t elaborate on my opinion of his plan now except to say, New York is not London and London is not New York. Stay tuned!

Daniel Baldwin, Anna Nicole Smith and Other Celebrities Who Waste Their Blessings. Part 3

By Paul Ranger 

Continued From:  PART 2

Is it the pressure of being in the spotlight? is it peer pressure? is it a feeling that they must “go along to get along? Some came from humble beginnings and some were already from the privileged few group before they became famous. Nevertheless what would cause certain celebrities to throw it away on alcohol and illegal drugs or even abuse legal drugs? The answer must be with the individual because many have not gone down the same path and seem to enjoy the fruits of their career.

For those reading this and you are on the verge of making the same ALLEGED drug abusing mistakes as Daniel Baldwin, Anna Nicole Smith, River Phoenix, Dana Plato and others, consider this, others like me will be writing the same unflattering stories about you when you fall STUPID! They like me may even call you a JACKASS! but, that would not be fair to the jackass, Why? because when the real jackass senses danger in his path he will stubbornly refuse to go any further. Only the human jackass sees danger and plunge headlong into it.

Are you so stupid Mr. and Ms. big time Star that you don’t realize that the low life punk you met at the club or wherever you like to hang out… you know… the one who with much consistency, and persistence keep trying to convince you that if you take this stuff it will make you feel better. He’s a smooth talker and a nice dresser ladies. She’s a gorgeous specimen of femininity guys. Neither one of them have your best interest at heart. All they want to do is get you hooked so they can be your supplier. They’ll get richer as your hard earned money keep going to them because, they will make sure you never run out of that stuff you now come to depend on…Dumb ass.

If you can’t take the pressure that comes along with being a celebrity then retire. Get out of the limelight. You’ve made enough money. You can leave it all and go into seclusion somewhere right? OOPS… I forgot, you have to spend the retirement money drugging up because you can’t stand the pressure.

If you think you have problems, consider the ordinary people who are losing their homes through foreclosures, or those who can’t afford health insurance for basic health maintenance, or can’t afford to pay for that life saving surgery. How about senior citizens who have to keep working in their so called “golden years” because their social security check can’t cover all their monthly expenses. Do you have to face pressures such as not knowing where the money for the overdue rent or mortgage is coming from? or where the next meal is coming from. Do you have to live in a homeless shelter?

Everyone has problems. That’s the way life is on this planet. Most average people have to face life’s setbacks every day and they don’t resort to drugs or alcohol to escape. They’re smart enough to know, narcotics will only make your problems worst. There is an answer to every problem. Take the time to find it.

Of the celebrities I mentioned earlier in this segment and before this one, two are taking steps or have taken steps to correct their mistakes. The others were not so fortunate. They died from overdoses of legal and illegal substances.

See you when I continue in part 4. 

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