Alec Baldwin Kicked Off An AA Plane In LA

According to  “Alec Baldwin was booted from an American Airlines flight in Los Angeles on Tuesday, apparently after he used an electronic device to play a Scrabble-like game before the plane departed.”   If what is reported is true, it seems to me to be adolescent of him not to obey a well known rule on airlines.  It’s like something a defiant teenager or younger would do.  Read the rest at:

“Eli Manning won’t take broke hospital’s money”

>“St. Vincent’s hospital in New York has a little bit of a debt problem — about $700 million worth, according to the New York Post. They also owed New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning(notes) over $500,000 for marketing work he’s done for them, but Eli, aware of their debt problems, told them no thanks…” Read the rest at

Writing from Kingston Jamaica and Patrick Swayze

I’m writing this post while sitting in  a New Kingston, Jamaica Hilton Hotel room  overlooking a swimming pool that is between  two buildings on the hotel’s property. It is a beautiful morning, but I’m not here for fun and relaxation. The death of my father is the unfortunate reason for my vistit to this country, which I left behind some 40 years ago.  My father lived here till he died. I would like to write about other things on this beautiful Tuesday morning, but  I cannot concentrate on much else, especially with the gathering of friends and relatives far and near.  I hope to get back to this writing about other happenings as soon as I get this past me.  Nevertheless I just found out last night through “ that Patrick Swayze lost his fight with cancer and died yesterday.  Read it here: “” 

Why Do Girls Love Bad Boys? IE: Chris Brown and Rihanna

Chris Brown told larry King He doesn’t remember beating up his girlfriend Rihianna. 

They pass over the good guys and are attracted to the “exciting” guys who will eventually abuse them. Why do these type of  girls do that?  Here is one song writers take on the matter;

“He treat you like your’re nothiing, but you’re in love with him.  He beat you till you’re black and blue, say you fell down the stairs.  He tells you that he loves you then you’ll go back to him….Are you under a spell?…”  Hear the song here at: “bad boys Turn You On”

‘Paris for President’ Parody Strikes Viral Gold

It seems She’s not as stupid as you think she is. See below!

Socialite turned political spoofer Paris Hilton has hit web gold with her faux bid for presidency. Since the mock campaign video was released three days ago on comedy site Funny or Die, the short has been viewed more than 6.2 million times, driving traffic numbers to the highest level in company history.

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Oprah Makes 385 Million A Year

The Story below about Oprah Winfrey’s yearly earnings is old news to me. In fact She’s worth more than a Billion. What was interesting to me though, was the comments the story received on It gave me an idea of how people feel about blacks who have accomplished much in a place where they were once not allowed to succeed. Read on below! Click “digg story”

Us Magazine reports Oprah Winfrey earns a whopping $385 million a year. Some things are too massive for me to comprehend, like space or Prince Fielder. So when I heard this, I couldn’t really wrap my head around it. Imagine what you could buy with $385,000,000

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