The Love Paul Ranger’s Music Giveaway is here; Win $200.00!

You can win $200.00 when you play Paul Ranger’s music at   Even if you don’t  win, but you tell someone about this promotion and they enter and win, you will receive 50% ($100.00) of what they win.  So, we want you to tell your friends and relatives about this promotion. No purchase is necessary.  First, go to for instructions and rules!

Love Paul Ranger’s Music Giveaway Coming Soon!

Here you can give your true feeling about Paul Ranger’s music. found at Don’t worry. If you don’t like the music, you can still win in the sweepstakes drawing. So please do not spare Paul Ranger’s feelings. go for it! However, please listen to all of Paul Ranger’s songs. there might be one you will like!
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Why Do Girls Love Bad Boys? IE: Chris Brown and Rihanna

Chris Brown told larry King He doesn’t remember beating up his girlfriend Rihianna. 

They pass over the good guys and are attracted to the “exciting” guys who will eventually abuse them. Why do these type of  girls do that?  Here is one song writers take on the matter;

“He treat you like your’re nothiing, but you’re in love with him.  He beat you till you’re black and blue, say you fell down the stairs.  He tells you that he loves you then you’ll go back to him….Are you under a spell?…”  Hear the song here at: “bad boys Turn You On”

My New Obsession: Twitter

After signing up for a “Twitter” account a year ago, I only posted one tweet. I was distracted for most of the year.  Then, the press finally picked up on the craze.  I had it in my grasped but didn’t know how powerful it had become.  Now in addition to paying attention the this blog which I have neglected since March, I have become a regular tweeter with followers and followings. even the big companies are getting into the act see me at:   http:\\\twitpaulran