Can Doctors Kill You For Your Organs And Get Away With It?

Perhaps my fears are unfounded, but, for a long time I have been reluctant to sign the back of my drivers license giving permission for my organs to be harvested in case of accidental death.   My fear have always been that, they would hamper my survival or put in a less than one hundred percent effort to save my life, simply for the purpose of taking my organs.   Therefore, I have not yet made the decision of whether or not I will give permission to be a donor. 

I’m even more hesitant now when I consider the fact that recently,  the father and mother of a teenager who had an accident while on a class trip,  sued the hospital that received their son after the accident because, they claim that the hospital killed their son for his organs, when they did not wait until he was officially declared dead before they started the harvesting procedure.  

I will be watching this trial to see it If what I fear is really unwarranted.  Read to story posted on AOL News.   

“Did Hospital Kill Teen For His Organs?

(March 16) – An Ohio couple whose teenage son was injured in a snowboarding accident has filed a lawsuit, claiming his doctors harvested his organs before he was declared dead.

Eighteen-year-old Gregory Jacobs, of Bellevue, Ohio, suffered a “closed head injury” two years ago while snowboarding on a high school-sponsored ski trip in Findley New York”…..Read the rest here! 

Scientists expect to create life in next 10 years

Around the world, a handful of scientists are trying to create life from scratch and they’re getting closer.

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I posted this story not because I believe man can create life, but, to say it may be a bit exaggerated.  Humans cannot create life except by using materials which God already created. Therefore, man can only manipulate.

Paul Ranger