Alec Baldwin Kicked Off An AA Plane In LA

According to  “Alec Baldwin was booted from an American Airlines flight in Los Angeles on Tuesday, apparently after he used an electronic device to play a Scrabble-like game before the plane departed.”   If what is reported is true, it seems to me to be adolescent of him not to obey a well known rule on airlines.  It’s like something a defiant teenager or younger would do.  Read the rest at:

Should Congress Be Exempt From Insider Trading Laws That Others Go To Prison For?

Yesterday Raj Rajaratnam began serving an 11 year sentence after being convicted for insider trading.  If he was a member of Congress however, he wouldn’t even be charged for doing the same thing .  Congress is immune from prosecution for insider trading.   If some members of the Congress get their way though, there may be a  ban on this privilege  possibly in the near future but, first, they face an up hill battle.  No doubt some members are opposed to or don’t think a ban is necessary?   Is this hypocritical of congress to make themselves immune from obeying a law that private citizens have gone to prison for?   Comment below!



Is Tiger Woods Back To Winning?

After  two years of losses on the golf course and well publicized marital problems, which may have affected his game, Tiger Woods finally came away with a win at yesterday’s “Chevron World Challenge.”   Will he continue to win next year?  No one knows.  However this win could definitely be a booster for his confidence and may propel him to a victorious 2012 as in old times.   See what the experts have to say at:

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