Former AG jeff sessions faces runoff in the Alabama gop race for the US senate and still supports trump after being attacked by him for his recusal in the muller probe.

Trump Attacks Jeff Sessions On Twitter MSNBC

Jeff Sessions; What a shameful display of sucking up to Donald Trump. Sessions is behaving like a puppy dog who still comes back and lick his master’s hand after being treated badly. Yes they are right you are nut’s. Where is your pride? All in the name of getting votes from the trump drones, but the problem is Jeff, Trump is not supporting you. This is laughable!

President trump calls the coronavirus fear the domocrat’s “new hoax” as he says there are only 15 cases in the us when there are 64.

Trump Calls Coronavirus Fear The Dems’ ‘New Hoax’ As More Cases Confirmed  MSNBC

Michael Moore Comments On Donald Trump Calling The Coronavirus Fear A Democrat Hoax.

Michael Moore: Trump Calling Coronavirus ‘Hoax’ Is ‘Dangerous’ MSNBC

To Clam Fears About The Coronavirus, Mick Mulvaney Says  ‘We Know How To Handle This.’

Mulvaney On Coronavirus Precautions: ‘We Know How To Handle This NBC News

Listen Mick; If your boss President Donald Trump, didn’t lie about almost every issue if not all, then people probably wouldn’t doubt and speculate about this dangerous virus called the Coronavirus. Instead of blaming Democrats and the media you should tell the truth. If you don’t know then say you don’t know enough about it, but don’t make up facts and figures in order to make your administration look competent. Donald Trump in addition to lying, places people in positions where they are in charge of situations they know nothing about, except that they are good yes men and yes women who are afraid to disagree with him for fear of being ousted and criticized by him. They have no courage. No wonder though, because he spends part of his time firing competent people who contradicts his numerous lies. So, go ahead Mick. Hold on to your job.

Also Mick, if your boss, Donald Trump had not proposed cutting the budget of the CDC for the 2021 fiscal year, then people would take his efforts to control the spread of the Coronavirus more seriously.

Donald Trump Contradicts what the CDC says about the coronavirus while the stock market reacts negatively

Trump Attacks Dems And Contradicts CDC With A False Coronavirus Outlook . MSNBC

As he has done various times before, President Trump once again contradicts what his heads of the government agencies have said about subjects they have more qualifications to answer more than he does. In this case, it is about the spread of the Coronavirus. He also blames the media for the bad news.

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