President trump calls the coronavirus fear the domocrat’s “new hoax” as he says there are only 15 cases in the us when there are 64.

Trump Calls Coronavirus Fear The Dems’ ‘New Hoax’ As More Cases Confirmed  MSNBC

Michael Moore Comments On Donald Trump Calling The Coronavirus Fear A Democrat Hoax.

Michael Moore: Trump Calling Coronavirus ‘Hoax’ Is ‘Dangerous’ MSNBC

To Clam Fears About The Coronavirus, Mick Mulvaney Says  ‘We Know How To Handle This.’

Mulvaney On Coronavirus Precautions: ‘We Know How To Handle This NBC News

Listen Mick; If your boss President Donald Trump, didn’t lie about almost every issue if not all, then people probably wouldn’t doubt and speculate about this dangerous virus called the Coronavirus. Instead of blaming Democrats and the media you should tell the truth. If you don’t know then say you don’t know enough about it, but don’t make up facts and figures in order to make your administration look competent. Donald Trump in addition to lying, places people in positions where they are in charge of situations they know nothing about, except that they are good yes men and yes women who are afraid to disagree with him for fear of being ousted and criticized by him. They have no courage. No wonder though, because he spends part of his time firing competent people who contradicts his numerous lies. So, go ahead Mick. Hold on to your job.

Also Mick, if your boss, Donald Trump had not proposed cutting the budget of the CDC for the 2021 fiscal year, then people would take his efforts to control the spread of the Coronavirus more seriously.

Alec Baldwin Kicked Off An AA Plane In LA

According to  “Alec Baldwin was booted from an American Airlines flight in Los Angeles on Tuesday, apparently after he used an electronic device to play a Scrabble-like game before the plane departed.”   If what is reported is true, it seems to me to be adolescent of him not to obey a well known rule on airlines.  It’s like something a defiant teenager or younger would do.  Read the rest at:

Should Congress Be Exempt From Insider Trading Laws That Others Go To Prison For?

Yesterday Raj Rajaratnam began serving an 11 year sentence after being convicted for insider trading.  If he was a member of Congress however, he wouldn’t even be charged for doing the same thing .  Congress is immune from prosecution for insider trading.   If some members of the Congress get their way though, there may be a  ban on this privilege  possibly in the near future but, first, they face an up hill battle.  No doubt some members are opposed to or don’t think a ban is necessary?   Is this hypocritical of congress to make themselves immune from obeying a law that private citizens have gone to prison for?   Comment below!



Should The White House Dinner Crashers Be Charged?

All the media images that I have seen so for, have shown Tareq and Michaele Salahi Smiling and Laughing as if pleased with themselves that they’ve pulled off the biggest one, among all the daring deceptive self invite schemes they have managed to accomplish before.  It may  just be  images that the media chose to use to suggest that the couple think what they have done to be funny. Nevertheless, media images or not, their antics were posted on,  and other places on the internet. They or someone close to them thaught it was worth bragging about. 

There is nothing cute or funny about it.  If terrorists or someone determined to kill the president or hold the White House hostage, they would’ve had a perfect chance to do so.  

I heard that congress wants to hear from the couple about how they were able to do this. I suggest that the Congress hold secret hearing so potential offenders will not hear and learn how it was done

If the allegations are true, and they did crash the White house dinner, then Mr. and Mrs Salahi Should be arrested and charged with trespassing on government property at least. If there are other charges that could be imposed on them the autorities should go all the way and wipe the smile off their faces.

On the other side of the matter, The Salahis have shown the Secret Service and other agencies how vulnerable White House security is, which needs to be greatly improved. The SS definately should be embarrassed. It is the shame heard  around the world.  All who failed in this breach should lose their jobs or resign.

My New Obsession: Twitter

After signing up for a “Twitter” account a year ago, I only posted one tweet. I was distracted for most of the year.  Then, the press finally picked up on the craze.  I had it in my grasped but didn’t know how powerful it had become.  Now in addition to paying attention the this blog which I have neglected since March, I have become a regular tweeter with followers and followings. even the big companies are getting into the act see me at:   http:\\\twitpaulran

Can Doctors Kill You For Your Organs And Get Away With It?

Perhaps my fears are unfounded, but, for a long time I have been reluctant to sign the back of my drivers license giving permission for my organs to be harvested in case of accidental death.   My fear have always been that, they would hamper my survival or put in a less than one hundred percent effort to save my life, simply for the purpose of taking my organs.   Therefore, I have not yet made the decision of whether or not I will give permission to be a donor. 

I’m even more hesitant now when I consider the fact that recently,  the father and mother of a teenager who had an accident while on a class trip,  sued the hospital that received their son after the accident because, they claim that the hospital killed their son for his organs, when they did not wait until he was officially declared dead before they started the harvesting procedure.  

I will be watching this trial to see it If what I fear is really unwarranted.  Read to story posted on AOL News.   

“Did Hospital Kill Teen For His Organs?

(March 16) – An Ohio couple whose teenage son was injured in a snowboarding accident has filed a lawsuit, claiming his doctors harvested his organs before he was declared dead.

Eighteen-year-old Gregory Jacobs, of Bellevue, Ohio, suffered a “closed head injury” two years ago while snowboarding on a high school-sponsored ski trip in Findley New York”…..Read the rest here! 

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