Former AG jeff sessions faces runoff in the Alabama gop race for the US senate and still supports trump after being attacked by him for his recusal in the muller probe.

Trump Attacks Jeff Sessions On Twitter MSNBC

Jeff Sessions; What a shameful display of sucking up to Donald Trump. Sessions is behaving like a puppy dog who still comes back and lick his master’s hand after being treated badly. Yes they are right you are nut’s. Where is your pride? All in the name of getting votes from the trump drones, but the problem is Jeff, Trump is not supporting you. This is laughable!

Is Tiger Woods Back To Winning?

After  two years of losses on the golf course and well publicized marital problems, which may have affected his game, Tiger Woods finally came away with a win at yesterday’s “Chevron World Challenge.”   Will he continue to win next year?  No one knows.  However this win could definitely be a booster for his confidence and may propel him to a victorious 2012 as in old times.   See what the experts have to say at:

Why Do Girls Love Bad Boys? IE: Chris Brown and Rihanna

Chris Brown told larry King He doesn’t remember beating up his girlfriend Rihianna. 

They pass over the good guys and are attracted to the “exciting” guys who will eventually abuse them. Why do these type of  girls do that?  Here is one song writers take on the matter;

“He treat you like your’re nothiing, but you’re in love with him.  He beat you till you’re black and blue, say you fell down the stairs.  He tells you that he loves you then you’ll go back to him….Are you under a spell?…”  Hear the song here at: “bad boys Turn You On”

My New Obsession: Twitter

After signing up for a “Twitter” account a year ago, I only posted one tweet. I was distracted for most of the year.  Then, the press finally picked up on the craze.  I had it in my grasped but didn’t know how powerful it had become.  Now in addition to paying attention the this blog which I have neglected since March, I have become a regular tweeter with followers and followings. even the big companies are getting into the act see me at:   http:\\\twitpaulran

Credit Card Companies Lastest Scheme to Steal Your Money Legally

After reading the following story posted on Yahoo finance I became outraged and wrote my own headline above because the one below does not convey the true content of this report.   If you have a credit card you should be outraged as well.  Creditors have found another way to steal from you and I without any penalty from the government, because, it is all legal.  You will not have to be notified of this action against your account at present, because the law to give you such protection will not go into effect until next year.   in the mean time check you available credit before you make a purchase, especially, in public.   You may save yourself some embarrassment.  Click on the headline blow and find the latest scheme from the credit card companies which may cost you more money!

“How to Blow Your Credit Limit — Without Spending”

–At Yahoo Finance

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