Unfortunately America Allowed Republican Control Of The House Once Again

Why did America do this? They went to the voting booth and voted for Republicans to take control of the House of Representatives. Did they not learn the lessons presented to us by the party that comforted and enabled the insurrectionist former president, Donald Trump. Didn’t we watch as Donald Trump allegedly instigated a riot and break in of the Capitol in an attempt to steal the 2020 presidential election, the very same thing he accuses the Democrats of doing to him. Didn’t they see the Republicans defend him openly like cowards while behind closed doors they condemned it. Didn’t they hear the Republicans say they would like to get rid of Social Security or bring it up for review every few years where they will have a chance to end it? Didn’t the Republicans refuse to pass a law that would lower the cost of prescription drugs for seniors?

Was it ignorance or was it an attempt to “own the libs” or both? Either way it may cost all of us. There is an expectation of legislative gridlock for at least the next two years because as the Republicans will take over the House, the Democrats will control the Senate. That means each party may have their agenda stalled by the other chamber and each will blame the other for the gridlock. So, that will be the cost of owning the libs. Congratulations! The only possible good may come from the situation, if any, will be, they will be forced to compromise or nothing will get done.