Is Tiger Woods Back To Winning?

After  two years of losses on the golf course and well publicized marital problems, which may have affected his game, Tiger Woods finally came away with a win at yesterday’s “Chevron World Challenge.”   Will he continue to win next year?  No one knows.  However this win could definitely be a booster for his confidence and may propel him to a victorious 2012 as in old times.   See what the experts have to say at:

“Eli Manning won’t take broke hospital’s money”

>“St. Vincent’s hospital in New York has a little bit of a debt problem — about $700 million worth, according to the New York Post. They also owed New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning(notes) over $500,000 for marketing work he’s done for them, but Eli, aware of their debt problems, told them no thanks…” Read the rest at

The Doubters loose Their Bets: New York Giants Win Superbowl XLII 17-14 Over New England

By: Paul Ranger 

The New York giants who were not favored to win , has triumphed in the face of doubt. the New England Patriots who were  favored to win after an undefeated  season, returns home without the Vince Lombardi trophy.  I don’t think it would be a stretch to say that Tom Brady is not a happy man tonight in fact, Boston is not a happy town tonight.

In the mean time, New York City has prepared a victory  parade for  Eli Manning and  the Giants.

Now a couple of questions  lingers in the air; will Michael Strahan retire after 15 years and his first Super Bowl win with New York?   The next question is; How many people lost bets tonight because they were betting on the Patriots to win?   Let I can almost hear the confusion in all the illigal betting joints around the world.  How about the rest of you did you loose any money?

If Strahan retires I will miss the nice guy with his trade mark gap front teeth. However it would be a glorious way to end a successful career with any team, especially a underdog team. 

New york City now has two “SUPER” security tasks to grapple with on Tuesday, The SuperBowl Victory parade and the “Super Teusday” Primary  elections.  However, It is believed that Police Commisioner Ray Kelly is well prepared for the duel event.  Although The New York Giants play in New Jersey,  New York will Gladly bear the expense of honoring the team that wears their name.