Paul Ranger’s Take On “26 Important Comic Books You May Want to Read”

By Paul Ranger

When I was a kid I read Superman, Spiderman and Archie comic books plus Mad Magazine (I’m not sure if “Mad Magazine is considered a comic book). And, of course there was always the cry from others as I got older; why don’t you grow up and stop reading those things. I capitulated, allowed the discarding of my precious comics and at least on the surface, gave my interest in them. When I have the time and I’m by myself, this 48 year old still enjoy watching cartoons on tv. Therefore I’m glad to know I have company as I found out from reading the story below:

“26 Important Comic Books You May Want to Read
Sure, it may seem silly, but, comic books mean something. Soldiers used dog-eared copies of Captain America to keep their spirits up in WWII. The Green Lantern and Green Arrow made kids actually think about issues like racism and heroin. And millions gasped when they heard the news that Superman died. Here are 26 important comic books…”

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